About Expect Joy

My background

Hello from Trophy Club, TX!  I’m a proud mother of Addyson, 11, and Olivia, 7.  Reed and I have been married since December 2011.  There is never a dull moment in the Allmand household.  

God has shown me tremendous grace and mercy in my life.  I can truly testify to being broken and shattered then God putting me back together again (sounds like a Humpty Dumpty story!)

You can never judge a book by it’s cover and you can never judge a person by their outward expression of inside hurts and trials.  God has put YOU on my heart and it is my goal to spread the love and grace and mercy and joy that a relationship with Christ brings.

My Faith

my faith

I accepted Christ into my heart and was baptized as a child but I never understood that being a Christian was a RELATIONSHIP and not just a belief.  

After leaving home to go to college I quit walking with Christ.  I made bad choices.  I felt shame and brokenness as I made the call to my parents that I was pregnant out of wedlock.  I felt grief and shame and embarrassment as I told friends and family that I was getting a divorce after only a year and a half of marriage.  I was in disbelief and shame over the shamble my life had become.  I felt disgusting and worthless and alone.

While my head hung in shame I wept at the feet of Jesus.  He then lifted my face, looked into my heart and told me he loved me.  Loved me just as I am, messy, dirty, sinful, me.  He showed me a grace and unconditional love that I had never felt before.

Since that time he has molded me, shaped me (lots of times painfully) into being a woman who chases Him.  I long to know Him more and share his grace, his mercy, his love and his JOY that comes with the unconditional love and grace that he so freely gives.